Adult Cardiac Rhythm ONLINE Course

Learn: Rhythm Adult Online
Prepare for ACLS Certification
Improve Adult ECG Rhythm Recognition with the official AHA eLearning Course
This course is taken completely online. Certificate can be printed upon completion.
You will receive login access within 3 business days of purchase. (Usually less)  Group bookings may take longer
This course is designed for healthcare professionals preparing for ACLS certification or requiring education in ECG recognition.

ECG recognition is a key skill required to successfully determine a patient s condition and know which ACLS algorithm to apply. The Learn: Rhythm-Adult course introduces healthcare providers to normal cardiac rhythms and teaches them to recognize basic cardiac arrhythmias in clinical practice. This course is designed for healthcare professionals preparing for ACLS certification or requiring remediation in ECG recognition.
Also available through ACLS Canada/Canadian Travel Nurses, HeartCode ACLS is the official, AHA, self-directed ACLS eLearning program. Learn Rhythm-Adult is the ideal way to prepare for HeartCode ACLS or to increase the knowledge base of clinicians who are preparing for an ACLS course. Learn Rhythm-Adult can also be implemented as an individual course for clinicians requiring basic ECG training.

Prepare for ACLS Certification
  • Designed to help students successfully prepare for the ECG objective of ACLS
  • The official eLearning ECG course from the American Heart Association
Improve Quality of Patient Treatment
  • Identify specific cardiac rhythms and arrhythmias
  • Initiate treatment efficiently and confidently
  • Interactive, self-paced and convenient alternative to a classroom course
  • Implement as an individual course or as a prerequisite to either HeartCode ACLS or a traditional ACLS course
  • Reinforces learning with mini-games that allow users to test themselves
  • Enables learners to review detailed characteristics and components of each ECG strip to recognize specific rhythms


Adult Cardiac Rhythm ONLINE Course
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